Logo– Partner der Mikrochipfertigung.

Logo– partner of microchip production.

smart wafer processing
Compact tools for individual requirements

amcoss stands for modern, smart, individual and sustainable high-tech in substrate processing and
process optimization in semiconductor and microsystems technology. With the help of our wafer processing equipment, microchips for electronic devices, which we all use everyday are being produced.

Our products

Comprehensive solutions for substrate treatment

Fully automatic single-wafer processing

Our amc series offers compact, individually configurable, fully automatic single-wafer processing equipment for a great variety of process options and manifold requirements in terms of throughput and flexibility.

Semi-automatic single-wafer processing

The semi-automatic single-wafer processing machines of our modular amr series, as well as both models of our amt tabletop hotplate have been optimized for the requirements in the highly flexible field of single-wafer and small-lot production of wafer sizes between 2“ and 300 mm.

Automatic HMDS batch-wafer processing

Our amv 200 batch equipment increases efficiency of HMDS processing of substrates because a large number of substrates can be processed simultaneously, and process time is a lot shorter than with HMDS ovens. So, throughput noticeably rises.


Digital process control with ams PILOT software

Our modern, self-explanatory ams PILOT software provides for intelligent and complete control of all processes in amcoss equipment or other manufacturers´ machines. It complies with Semi Standard E95-1101.

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trap tank


Sophisticated accessories for our amcoss equipment or rather for retrofitting of machines from other manufacturers, e.g. our trap tank system and a vending machine for the optimum storage and supply on demand of resists within the production process supplement and complete our broad range of products.

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What’s new at amcoss?


The team for our

We need clever experts, talented heads, flexible makers, and
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The company

Not everyone can do, what we do

We, amcoss GmbH, are an innovative, internationally operating High-Tech company in the semiconductor and microsystems technology industry. amcoss is in the possession of vast expert knowledge in the field of substrate processing as well as with devices for process temperature control. Well known manufacturers in the market are our customers.

Our head office is located in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg, Austria,) in a modern, industrial region characterized by medium sized businesses, in the most western part of Austria. From here we sell our products and services around the globe.

Overview of company departments

Equipment & Systems for single- and batch-wafer processing
Coating, developing, cleaning, lift-off, heating/cooling, software, HMDS, temperature control

Engineering components for optics and mechatronics
E.g. lenses, filters, mirrors, reflectors, fiber-optics, wafer-chucks, wafer-handlers, wafer-end-effectors, etc.

Refurbishment/repair of optical & mechanical components
E.g. lenses, mirrors, reflector plates, shutters, image shifters, exposure chucks, lamphouses, ball bearings, zoom-lenses, masking-blades, Wafertec pumps, etc.

Extensive know-how in optics and mechatronics

For many years we have been offering extensive engineering and highly specialized repair services for quality components in optics and mechatronics (photolithography, RTP, CVD, FPI, metrology and plasma), carried out in our specialized in-house laboratory. amcoss also cooperates with strong, specialized partners all around the world.

amcoss GmbH company
amcoss GmbH company

Since the beginning of 2023 amcoss GmbH has been part of the Lab14 group with approx. 1000 employees worldwide. The companies in the field of micro- and nanotechnology mutually strengthen one another by using synergy effects.

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