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Comprehensive solutions for substrate processing

Fully automatic single-wafer processing

Our amc series offers compact, individually configurable, fully automatic single-wafer processing equipment for a great variety of process options and manifold requirements in terms of throughput and flexibility.

Semi-automatic single-wafer processing

The semi-automatic single-wafer processing machines of our modular amr series have been optimized for the requirements in the highly flexible field of single-wafer and small-lot production of wafer sizes between 2“ and 300mm.

Automatic HMDS batch-processing

Our amv 200 Batch equipment increases efficiency of HMDS processing of substrates because a large number of substrates can be processed simultaneously, and process time is a lot shorter than with HMDS ovens. So, throughput noticeably rises.


Digital process control ams pilot (software)

Our modern, self-explanatory ams pilot software provides for intelligent and complete control of all processes in amcoss equipment or other manufacturers´ machines. It complies with Semi Standard E95-1101.

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Process­ temperature control (heat exchangers & chillers)

In order to control process temperature in microsystems or other manufacturing technologies amcoss offers amh heat exchangers as well as amh chillers for temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 95 °C. They replace temperature control units of other manufacturers.

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amcoss amh temperature control units
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