Legal Notes

Code of Conduct


Fostering and claiming compliance with ethical standards and the creation of a working environment of mutual respect and fair conduct are declared goals of amcoss management. A business policy, following legal requirements and principles will secure our long-term business interests.

All employees of amcoss GmbH commit themselves to fulfill the following rules and regulations. Any violations will result in adequate consequences, in severe cases, even in termination of the work contract.

In all its commercial decisions and actions, amcoss GmbH always seeks to comply with applicable law and other relevant regulations of Austria or other countries. Integrity and honesty towards our customers and suppliers shall foster fair competition.

amcoss GmbH feels obliged to act economically, socially and environmentally conscious and therefore aims at conducting its business with competence and high regard to ethics. Moreover, it will protect fair competition in all its markets of operation by abiding to laws concerning cartel bans, competition and anti-competitiveness. Amcoss strictly disapproves of taking unfair advantage of customers, suppliers or competitors.

Conflict of interests

Mutual loyalty between amcoss GmbH and its employees is guaranteed. All situations in which personal or financial interests of amcoss employees might get into conflict with company interests are to be avoided. The same applies to business relationships with competitors, suppliers and customers in a private context. Every competitive situation with the company has to be avoided and any possible case of conflict of interests has to be brought before the management.

Such conflicts of interests may arise from various situations: employees may not accept presents, which from a rational point of view might influence decisions regarding business activities. Invitations have to be kept within the limits of commonly acceptable hospitality.

Employees may not take personal advantage of their position within the company by abusing their access to confidental information. All employees are obliged to support the legitimate interests of amcoss GmbH as good as possible.

Anti-corruption rules

amcoss GmbH strictly makes a stand against corruption and bribery. All business activities carried out with unfair means are not tolerated. Amcoss employees may neither offer to, nor receive any benefits from business partners, which might bring about an impairment of an objective and fair business decision. The only exception are business dinners or presents within adequate limits to maintain a business relationship.

Insider rules

All amcoss employees commit themselves not to divulge certain information to third parties. Such information would be: management plans, the introduction of new products or production methods, company transactions, sales figures or rentability, important contracts or business contacts, financial information or any major lawsuits etc. The use of vital, non-public information can be regarded as legal offence. Through a fast, smooth and open exchange of information within the company, we do support each other. Only exemptions are interests according to obligations to confidentality by customers or the company itself.

Fair working conditions

All amcoss employees have to contribute to a safe and pleasurable working environment. All kinds of harrassment, disadvantage and discrimination based on sex, race, religion, age or disability will under no circumstances be tolerated at amcoss and will be avenged regardless of function or responsibility. Amcoss holds fairness, politeness and respect in high esteem and offers all employees the necessary scope for professional and personal development. We entirely abstain from any business relationship with companies that do not clearly distance themselves from child or forced labour or human trafficking.

Handling of third party property

All amcoss GmbH employees are instructed to carefully and responsibly treat property of either the company itself, customers or suppliers and to prohibit loss, damage, misuse, theft, fraud or destruction. All employees are obliged to instantly inform the management on any case of violation.

Obligation to confidentiality and data privacy

The major part of information regarding amcoss is confidential or legally protected, therefore an obligation to confidentality exists. Only exemptions are express permissions by amcoss, obligatory laws or decrees. Intellectual property like business secrets, patents, brands and copyright, business and marketing strategies, drawings or amcoss business papers are subject to confidentiality. At amcoss the protection of sensitive, confidential data like personal data of employees, customers, suppliers or business partners is being treated with the utmost care within the legal requirements.

Implementation and control

All mentioned rules of conduct constitute a substantial part of the business culture at amcoss GmbH. Any questions, complaints or knowledge about non-compliance with above mentioned regulations may and have to be brought to knowledge of the management at once.

The management board

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