19. July 2023 |

amcoss joined the Lab14 group

We are glad to announce, that at the beginning of 2023, amcoss GmbH joined the Lab14 group.

Successful high-tech companies within the field of nano- and microfabrication and surface analysis and approx. 1000 employees worldwide belong to the group. Together the Lab14 companies offer complementary, innovative products, production solutions and services for a wide range of applications.

With the objective of further increasing our business opportunities we have looked for a suitable partner. David Erne, CEO and shareholder of amcoss GmbH states, „In Lab14 Group we found a strong and long-term partner, which will support us in taking the next step and help to continue and even improve our services that our customers have been used to for many years. For our customers, this change will not have any impact on direct business relation with amcoss and we will remain their direct partner.”

Lab14 supports growth of each of its individual companies and at the same time fosters synergies between the companies to generate a competitive and technological advantage over other players in the field. So, we can use synergy effects to serve our customers in the best possible way. The Lab14 headquarter is located in Heidelberg, Germany.

Lab14 is a subsidiary of the RSBG SE, which in turn is fully owned by the RAG-Foundation.

The RAG-Foundation is in charge of financing the perpetual obligations that resulted from hard coal mining in Germany. In addition, RAG-Foundation promotes projects in education, science and culture in order to support the transformation of the former mining regions in Germany.

Lab14 Group sees itself as a long-term investor and partner of small to medium sized businesses. It employs a buy-and-build strategy with investments in successful small to medium sized companies and  a focus on businesses that offer products and services that are essential for the advanced technologies employed in micro- and nanofabrication as well as surface analytics in research and industry.

More information: https://lab14.group/amcoss-gmbh-joins-lab14-group/ and  https://lab14.group

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